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Wear & Care Guides

Your Essential Wear and Care Guide

Wearing lenses, most people find it easy. However, taking care of your lenses may require some knowledge and some self-discipline. Hence this guide is not only meant for new users, but for existing users as well. This is because when handling lenses incorrectly it would cause permanent damage to the lenses and maybe to your eyes. So this guide is your new reference and could help you to minimize that unnecessary damage.

Things that you need: PP Circle lenses, Cutie Animal Lens case, Multipurpose solutions and mirror.

FIRST STEP: Check the lens in the bottle
Some defects are undetectable by human eye. We have tried our best to cross check all the lenses before ship out. Nevertheless please spend at least a minute to check their conditions in the bottle:

  1. See if the bottle crack or broken
  2. See if the lens have nicks or tears
  3. See if both lenses share the same color
  4. See if the bottle is expired

If yes to any of the above, we apologize that you may need to contact KoreaDollyEyes to exchange the products.

REMINDER: Expiry Date
There is always confusion on the expiry date of lens and bottle.

  1. The expiry date on the label of bottle referred to the solution expiry date, not the lens
  2. Lens expiry date is calculated ONE year after you open the bottle
  3. If bottle is expired and lens are found inside the bottle, in this case the lens is considered as expired

REMINDER: Bottle Labels

  1. Sometimes the label is torn off, reason being is manufacturers may have missed some of the labels during production
  2. Sometimes label is different from the website. This is because some same products may have different marketing brand, but in fact they are all the same. KoreaDollyEyes could assure you that the quality and pattern design are exactly the same.

SECOND STEP: Open the vial bottle
This question seems to bother lot of people; hence we are giving some tips to on how to open up the vial bottle. Few easy steps as follow,

  1. Open up the plastic cap (There is small indicator at the lens cover)
  2. Pull plastic cap off together with the steal seal
  3. Push off the remaining steal seal
  4. Remove the bottle cork
  5. A scissor may help if you find the plastic cap or steal seal is too difficult to pull off

Go to THIRD STEP to make sure you have followed the proper procedure.

THIRD STEP: Checking before usage

  1. Have you got your lens case READY? READY means you have used multipurpose solution to rinse the lens case at least twice before use.
  2. Have you soaked the lenses at least 8 hours in multipurpose solution before put them on your eyes? We understand that the lenses are cute and you could not wait to put them on your eyes to try out the effect. However, you are best advised to put your lens into multipurpose solution for at least 8 hours before wearing them. Don’t risk your eyes simply because of impatience. Your eyes and safety matters most.

FOURTH STEP: Hand Cleaning and Hygiene Factor
You need to be extra cautious on the cleanliness of your lenses. As we know, the lens will be inserted to eye area. Therefore a good hygiene would help to minimize the risk of bacterial infection. Few tips as follow:

  1. Always wash your hand with mild soap, if possible, scentless soap whenever contact with lenses
  2. Make sure your hand is dry and free from soap when contact with lenses
  3. It is best to put on the lens before make up to avoid unnecessary oily stains or chemical products sticking on your hand
  4. Keep your eye closed when using hairspray or other aerosols
  5. Get used to all the above and keep yourself a good hygiene habit

FIFTH STEP: Insertion of Lens
It is never been easy for new user to put on the lenses. Hence we will put the steps in laymen language to make your life easier.

  1. Have cleaned hands (recommended to have short nail)
  2. Have a mirror
  3. Check and see if the lens are in correct position, which means to avoid turn inside-out
  4. Always start with the right eye to prevent mix up
  5. Put lens on your index finger
  6. Use middle finger to pull the lower eye lid and the other hand to pull the upper eye lid
  7. Put in the lens, and do not blink. Slowly but steady
  8. Try to put it from the bottom before the top part
  9. Blink your eye to adjust the lens position (Few blinks will help the lens adjust itself)
  10. Do all the above steps for your left eye

For new user, it is not that easy to put them on. Spare yourself a little bit more time and follow the steps. Then it should be alright.

REMINDER: Lenses Turn Inside-out

  1. The correct position of lenses should follow the LEFT side panel. If you come across the right side panel, it means the lens is turned inside out.

SIXTH STEP: Discomfort lens & Daily Care
After having pretty lenses on the eye, people tend to forget how to take care of the lenses while they are in your eyes. It is important to take care of your eye and lenses when in usage.

  1. Check if your eyes are dry
  2. If dry, you can always use eye drop to moisturize your eyes
  3. Don’t panic. Getting dry is normal given the dry weather or air-conditional office
  4. Check if you eyes feel any discomfort
  5. Remove the lens immediately if you feel burn or scratch on the eyes
  6. After removal, check if the lens has been soaked for at least 8 hours, or turned inside out, or any visibly damaged i.e. nicks or tears
  7. Try the discomfort lens on the other eye and see if the discomfort persist

If the discomfort persists, then please check with the eye doctor or seek help from koreadollyeyes@gmail.com.

And please read the friendly notes below to avoid unnecessary accident happen to you.


  1. NEVER swim with lenses in eyes
  2. NEVER wear lenses in sauna/ steam room
  3. NEVER wear more than 8 hours a day
  4. NEVER sleep with your lenses while they are in your eyes
  5. NEVER share your lens with others

SEVENTH STEP: Removal of Lens
When it comes to time of removal of lens, please be reminded clean hands are necessary. The steps are as follows:

  1. Have cleaned hands (recommended short nail)
  2. Have a mirror
  3. Remove the lens from your right eyes
  4. Bring your index finger close to the eye until touches the lens
  5. Slide the lens down to the lower white part of eye
  6. Do not blink
  7. Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger, then remove it
  8. Remove the other lens for the same procedure as above

EIGHTH STEP: Cleaning and Storage of Lens
After removal, you need to find a right place to store your lenses. There are few tips as follow:

  1. Have you lens case ready
  2. Throw away the previous solution in the case
  3. Wash the lens case ONLY with the multipurpose solution
  4. Pour multipurpose solution into the lens case
  5. Put the lens on the palm of your lens
  6. Put few drops of solution onto the lens and rub it softly for about 15 seconds. This would help to remove the germs
  7. Place your lens into the lens case
  8. Make sure lens are soaked in multipurpose solutions
  9. Store your lens at room temperature
  10. Please be reminded to ensure the cap is closed tight when not in use
  11. FACT: If you are using cutie animal lens case, you are best advised to change the lens case every three months to avoid germs growing

REMINDER: Blurry Image at the Edge of Sight
It is also when you order some brands or patterns of circle lens; it will give you blurry image.

  1. Check if the lens is blurry at the center or at the edge of the sight
  2. If the lens is blurry at the edge of the sight, it may be considered as normal. This may be caused by the color and the pattern of the lens is too wide and it accidentally covers some areas of your vision.
  3. Importantly, vision will improve after you undergo the adaptation period
  4. If the blurry image occurs at the center of the sight, then you can contact us  for more information.

After 8 steps and with few reminders, we believe you have learned something about taking care of circle lenses in a correct manner. Now please enjoy yourself with the circle lens and HAVE FUN!

Wish you all a very great day and take good care of yourself and your eyes.

Share the love 🙂

Customer safety is our utmost priority. Over the years, KoreaDollyEyes has managed to keep ZERO case of unsafe contact lens reports. However, it is your responsibility to minimize the risk of wearing contact lens.

Thank you


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