Inserting & Removing Lens Guide

Inserting and Removing Soft Contact Lenses

Inserting and removing your lenses is a snap. After only a few tries, you’ll be a pro. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Always wash your hands with a mild soap and dry with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
  • Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them.
  • Always handle the same lens first to avoid mixing up the right and left lenses.
  • Remember to handle your lenses gently.

Inserting the Lens into your eye

  • You may want to rinse your lenses in a multi-purpose such as ReNu MultiPlus® Multi-Purpose Solution before you put them on.
  • Put one of the lenses on the tip of the index finger of the hand you write with. Be sure the lens is right-side-out (the edges should turn up, not out).
  • Look straight ahead. Pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of the same hand.
  • Pull the top lid up with the index finger of the other hand and look up.
  • Gently place the lens on the lower white of the eye.
  • Remove your index finger and release your eyelid.
  • Look down, and close your eyes for a moment. The lens will center itself.
  • Repeat for the other lens.

Removing the lens from your eye

  • You may want to use a lubricating and rewetting drop such as ReNu MultiPlus Lubricating and Rewetting Drops just before you remove your lenses. One or two drops in each eye will moisten the lenses and make them easier to remove.
  • Look up and pull the lower lid down with the middle finger of the hand you write with.
  • Place your index finger on the lower edge of your lens, and slide the lens down to the white of your eye.
  • Squeeze the lens lightly between your index finger and thumb and remove gently.
  • Repeat for the other eye.
  • If the edges of your lens stick together, place a few drops of saline or multi-purpose solution on the lens and rub gently until the edges separate.

These tips will help guide you, but always follow the advice of your eye care practitioner.


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