Circle Lens Info

Circle Lenses

What are circle lenses?
The lenses are made in South Korea by KFDA approved manufacturers. They were first worn and made popular by Japanese idols/stars for doll eye look. They are also worn by Korean celebrities to make their eyes appear larger. The lenses contain pigment close to the edge of lenses to enlarge appearance of the iris when wearing. The pigment are sandwiched inside the lenses so they do not bleed.

How safe are circle lenses?
Circle lenses are just like regular contact lenses, but produced by Korean manufacturers certified by K-FDA for use. They can be worn daily and require proper care. Professional care is required to get proper fitting.

Circle lenses and comfortability.
Circle lenses are comfortable to wear daily. It is most comfortable if a proper fit is determined to get the correct powers and bc.
The thickness of the lenses can affect their comfortability. Thinner lenses are more comfortable and allow higher oxygen flow, reduce redness and dry eyes. The material of lenses can also affect comfortablitiy of lenses.

What if the lenses aren’t comfortable and dry out my eyes?
If you have the correct fitting for your eyes recommended by your doctor and still experience problem, we suggest trying another brand of lenses or center thickness. The material of lenses and center thickness can affect oxygen flow and dry out eyes. Thinner lenses can help ease driedness.

What is the best lens for me?
The best lenses for each person should be fitted by a doctor first. The physical parameters, including SPH, DIA, BC, determines the comfortablity of lenses. They can only determined by an examination at the doctor’s office.

The style of the lenses for each person depends on how each person wants to look. New wearers should get lenses with diameter of 14mm, which slightly enlarge the eyes, without making them look unnatural. They should also be 1-2 tone lenses because they seem to look the most natural.

Pls noted that if your eyes are small naturally, getting larger diameter lenses (15mm or above) can give animated look, too big eyes, and unnatural.


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