GEO Honey Wing / Olive Brown Lens

GEO Honey Wing / Olive Series in Brown   (14.0 mm)

(IDR 120,000,-)

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% – 42%
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 – 8.6 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable

Price is PER PAIR.

GEO HONEY WING SERIES brown contact lens is also known as GEO OLIVE SERIES. The wing series is great for people who want to try out circle contact lenses for the first time, as these lenses are so easy to wear and very comfortable. THE GEO WING SERIES is a lot more natural than some of the other circle contact lenses, has a natural enlargement look, no thick black rim, and a delicate brown colored ring creates a misty halo for a doll-eyed look. They still manage to look pretty natural in daylight and this brown wing/halo effect adds a fresh appearance and gives definition to your eyes. If you are looking for a great natural contact lens, just choose these Geo lenses !

GEO HONEY WING SERIES BROWN contact lenses are very soft and comfortable to wear, with a dying process that gives to your eyes an incomparable comfort of wearing due to a smooth combination of dyes and polymer of lens as well as high oxygen permeability, so you won’t feel them in your eyes at all. These breathable lenses will keep your eyes hydrated and feeling fresh all day.

Geo Honey Wing/Olive Brown Review

Planning to outshine everyone else at a party? Then buy contact lenses online. Geo Honey Wing Gold is a perfect choice for those who are hoping to dazzle important people at an event or wherever else she will go.

Honey, brown, and gold are words that go together naturally. Why? It’s because these shades look great when combined together. The effect is warm, rich, and accommodating. These are eye shades that you will want to stare into for long periods of time.

Geo Honey Wing Gold offers the perfect shade of liquid gold to complement your party outfit. Gold is definitely a special shade that should only be reserved for special occasions, but you’re very free to dazzle the people at the office as well! This shade probably looks best on people with brown to black hair, as these shades all intermingle with one another.


For more pictures go to KoreaDollyEyes Facebook Page



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