GEO Angel Brown Lens

GEO Angel Series in Brown   (14.0 mm)

(IDR 100,000,-)

Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable

Price is PER PAIR.

Get beautiful brown eyes with this amazing GEO ANGEL SERIES BROWN lenses, one of the best selling contact lens in USA and Europe. The bold dark ring around the outer is thicker than before to create an illusion of a bigger iris and the diameter of 14 gives the final touch to achieve a Dolly-like appearance or anime character type of eyes, and it’s natural brown hue blends perfectly to enhance your natural eye color and make it easy to change your eye style in an instant. These fashion lenses are ideal for those who love to update their look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

Geo Angel Brown Review

Do you have light-colored eyes and would like to try a darker shade for a richer, warmer, look? Then buy Angel Brown contact lenses.

The Geo Angel Brown would be a perfect choice for those who would like to go for the brown-eyed look. The effect neither mousy nor dull. In fact, Geo Angel Brown provides your eyes with a chocolatey brown hue that your significant other will just love melting into.

If you have black eyes or dark brown eyes and would only like to lighten the shade of brown, then this would be a good, safe, and effective pick for you. Use this to get light brown eyes that will appear fairly clearer and richer than your original eye color. For light-eyed people, this will certainly take you in the dark zone. Look like a delicious, brown-eyed angel that people will be attracted to.

For more pictures go to KoreaDollyEyes Facebook Page


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